A Blanket of Snow

Finding God’s Grace in the Struggle

Day two of the freezing cold. The recent storm dropped six inches of snow on Fiat Farm. The perfect snow – light and fluffy. And it stayed perfect for 2 days. For my friends in warmer climates, snow stays perfect because it is cold. Very cold. Like, below freezing cold. The kind of cold that makes your fingers and toes ache.

I happily spent the first snow day bundled up inside while the guys hustled out to take care of the animals and walk our property looking for fallen trees.

But now it is day two, the sky is clear, and I need to pitch in and do my part. I offer to feed the animals so Mr. J can continue to work on the fence. Yes, we are still working on the fence. I “gird my loins.” I put on several layers of clothing, wrap a scarf around my neck, put a watch cap on my head, and don ski gloves. Ready for battle, I steel myself for the cold, open my front door, and am greeted by this:

A feast for the eyes. Fiat Farm has been transformed by a blanket of snow. I am in awe.


There are brief moments at the beginning and end of each day when the light is just right. The landscape is transformed by this veiled softness, the sun is closer to the horizon, and one can glimpse God’s subtle grace. Those moments beckon us to slow down, observe, and absorb.

I moved through my chores, but there were many times I was compelled to just stop and marvel. The Easter egg blue of the sky. The red flash of a cardinal searching for food. The hues of earthy brown carved out in the bright relief of snow.

Snow is cold. Freezing cold. Harsh. Everything is harder. Keeping warm and dry, finding food and water, moving from place to place, all become a challenge in the snow. It makes real nature’s struggle for survival.

But in that struggle, there is stark beauty. And it beckons you.

A familiar path becomes enchanted:

A previously unnoticed tree demands attention with a dramatic silhouette.

Form and texture invite marvel and imagination:

Attention is brought to the hidden life around you:

And, if you are lucky, in the midst of the struggle you get a glimpse of God’s mystery.

And it takes your breath away:

Knowing, that today would be bright, sunny, and in the 40’s I made a point to walk and marvel. To soak in God’s creation. To reflect on His plan.

His plan is good. And in the struggle, there is Grace.

Slow down, observe, and absorb. These moments of grace are fleeting. The blanket of snow melts, and the familiar path returns.

4 thoughts on “A Blanket of Snow

  1. Nancy, I am loving your blog. You write so beautifully. I truly appreciate how honest you are with sharing your daily life, the good and the struggles. I can tell Mr. J is a gem!

    Your home looks magical in the snow. Thanks so much for sharing. I miss you!

    God bless,

    Liked by 1 person

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