Weeds – an Eternal Battle

I am at war. My opponent is legion. I may conquer my foe in one corner only to turn and find countless others amassing behind me. The battle is endless and requires constant attendance and meticulous attention.

If my enemy is beaten back, my labor will bear fruit. If allowed to flourish my seeds will be stifled.

I am at war with weeds.

The struggle is real.

But I am determined.

I face my garden each day. Hope. Satisfaction. Despair. Loss.

I look closely. Observe. Distinguish between fruitful plant and destructive weed. I dig out the weed while protecting my plants. I strive to create an environment where my plants will thrive, while suppressing the weeds and stifling their progress.

When the weeds are clear, the plants have access to the sun. The sun providing the energy on which we all depend.

Work each day to clear those weeds. Nourish the soil. Advantage that which bears fruit.

I need to remind myself of this.

These thoughts float through my mind as I tackle the weeds and tend my garden.

I pray that it is enough.

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