Opening a Farm Stand

On working to develop a hyper local economy.

One day last week my mind was occupied with the words hyper local. Those two words kept rolling around as I worked to sort out what that means to me. At dinner that night I shared with Mr. J that I think hyper local is the answer to my goals for community and economy.

When our cows escaped last year, it was neighbors that stumbled upon our troubles that helped us to get them back home.

When our pipes froze in the last storm it was neighbors across the way that drove over to help us out.

I source honey and milk from neighbors within a five-mile radius.

My eggs and pork and many of our vegetables come from our own farm. Soon our farm will supply us with lamb and beef.

That is hyper local.

Our aid did not come from friends out of state (though we did benefit from their prayers). Help came from people across the street or down the road.

It doesn’t get more local than that.

In this global world, hyper local is the solution. At least as much as possible.

So, I am starting a farm stand.

(Actually “farm stand” sounds a little too grand for what I have going on right now, but a girl can dream.)

I won’t advertise on social media. I don’t want people going out of their way to find me.

I want the neighbor who is driving past our farm regularly to be the customer. I want to be on their way, not out of their way.

It’s winter. I don’t have excess produce to share. I do have eggs. I will start with eggs.

A sign by the road letting neighbors know I have something to sell.

A cooler with my farm fresh eggs inside.

It’s a start.

7 thoughts on “Opening a Farm Stand

  1. I always loved the saying “thoughts become words and words become actions”

    I don’t know who actually said this but it reminds of what you said, Nancy.
    “A girl can dream,” and realize those dreams!

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  2. It’s so wonderful to have such great neighbors and a way to share your eggs and eventually your wonderful garden produce with them. My grandparents had a farm stand for many years. They sold their produce and seemed to know almost everyone who stopped by, even customers that were on their way to yearly vacation destinations. Some of those customers would sit on the porch for a while too.

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  3. Wonderful thoughts and thoughts that have beginning actions. And possibly your Farm Stand may become a Neighborhood Farm Stand that allows neighbors and friends abundance to be offered. You have a good location. Keep dreaming….

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